10 Quotes for Entrepreneurs

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10 Inspiring Quotes for Entrepreneurs (10 Quotes for Entrepreneurs by @nenindia on @slideshare http://t.co/nIRN3hA3gb)

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25 Motivational Sales Quotes | #b2bsales

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Inspiring quotes can really help to push you to perform. Check out these sales quotes to help you seal that next… http://t.co/AMQ1ieeYly

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5 Key Quotes From Under Armour’s CEO (UA)

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The Motley Fool – Over the past 17 years, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank has built his company from nothing into a fast-growing, multibillion-dollar juggernaut. Here are five quotes from Plank to shed light on what makes Under Amour tick.

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He found a niche, took a risk, and it’s paid big dividends. He’s learned to adapt to the market and change his philosophy a little. It seems to be working.

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Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Success? – 99U

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Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Presenting three classic versions of fear of success, and what to do about them. (Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Success?

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I think we’ve all been there, and maybe still are. This article has helped me to push forward on a project that I’ve been putting off.

I’ve realized I am afraid of success, not just for myself, but for others also. Thanks 99U for helping me to identify my problem and overcome it.

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Teen inspires others through motivational speaking

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Michael Gandy Jr. is impeccably dressed: dark, pinstriped suit; crisp, white shirt with cuff links; striped tie.

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Nice article. What an enterprising young man. He’s taking the initiative and creating a nice business for himself. He isn’t allowing his difficulties get in the way of his success.

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The Top 5 Museums in Paris, France

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With 45 million visitors each year, Paris is the number one destination in the world, and it’s estimated that half of these travellers come especially to see any of the 250+ museums that call the c…

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It would be fun to visit these museums, especially the one housed in an old railroad station.

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Doing What You Shouldn’t Do | Dr. Gene Landrum

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A lesson and story from entrepreneur, Gene Landrum, Ph.D., that proves that pursuing the unconventional path – in spite of what others tell you to do – often…

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He’s absolutely right, sometimes doing what you shouldn’t do works for you.

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