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Louis Anderson
Louis Anderson
Claudia Anderson
Claudia Anderson

We are Louis Anderson and Claudia Anderson, and we have been IMD’s (Independent Marketing Directors) with Team National since 2006. We are a brother and sister team who decided to build our businesses together.

We resolved to write a blog chronicling our road to financial freedom. We want to hold ourselves accountable to show ourselves and others that anyone can do it. We will show the steps and struggles we face to get to where we want to be. We are committed to personal development, to expanding our horizons; a total paradigm shift.

Why did we choose Team National as our vehicle? Because of the great Savings of their membership packages, and the fantastic Compensation Plan they offer to anyone who wants to share it. The most incredible thing is, you don’t have to buy a membership in order to market it! We personally have never heard of a company doing this, except Team National.

What solidified our belief in Team National was a video we saw of the founder of Team National, **** Loehr talking at a Team National convention in 2005. He spoke about how Team National will not take advantage of any company big or small if they make a mistake, and that the company is not for sale. That showed us the integrity of the leadership of Team National, and his daughter Angela Loehr Chrysler who is the President and CEO has continued that spirit of Honesty and Trustworthiness.

We welcome anyone who would like to grow with us professionally and personally with Team National.


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