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The Top 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru | South America …

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Following on from our post about the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Argentina, this time it’s Peru’s turn in the spotlight. There is a grand total of 11 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Peru, so we’ve picked the crème de.

TeamBig10‘s insight:

The history you are able to see and explore is exciting. Would love to visit these sites.

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The Top 5 Museums in Paris, France

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With 45 million visitors each year, Paris is the number one destination in the world, and it’s estimated that half of these travellers come especially to see any of the 250+ museums that call the c…

TeamBig10‘s insight:

It would be fun to visit these museums, especially the one housed in an old railroad station.

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Visiting the Taj Mahal

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Our social media specialist, Monica, tells us about her trip to India and visiting the magnificent Taj Mahal (RT @TheTravelHack: My top tips for visiting the Taj Mahal over on the @flightcentre_UK blog http://t.co/ksoAKYGrwf)…

TeamBig10‘s insight:

What a beautiful place!

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Ten of Britain’s most beautiful castles: How many do you know?

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To see Britain in its full glory, you have to see its castles – (If you are planning a quick UK getaway over Easter, check out this list of Britain’s most beautiful castles: http://t.co/ewxcAZzYqM)…

TeamBig10‘s insight:

I’ve always wanted to visit castles in europe. These are pretty nice.

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Canada: Fishing adventure in Great Bear Rainforest

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With the spring fishing season fast approaching, a remote lodge in British Columbia is offering the opportunity to fly fish for trout in some of the most pristine coastal rivers in Canada.

TeamBig10‘s insight:

Not into fishing, but I just might have to try it. Beautiful!!!!

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Flowering of Lupins in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand | Amusing Planet

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Beautiful. RT @matthiasrascher
Flowering of Lupins in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. http://t.co/I4CFKl5PQS #nature #spring #flowers #newzealand

TeamBig10‘s insight:

Absolutely gorgeous! I wonder if they’re edible?

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Weekend dolphin cruise off Orange Beach, Alabama . . . as captured by the … – Gulf Coast News Today

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Weekend dolphin cruise off Orange Beach, Alabama . . . as captured by the …
Gulf Coast News Today
Local photographer Michelle Carroll Stancil got some great dolphin pictures Sunday on a cruise with Cold Mil Fleet out of Bear Point Marina.

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