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Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Success? – 99U

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Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Presenting three classic versions of fear of success, and what to do about them. (Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Success?

TeamBig10‘s insight:

I think we’ve all been there, and maybe still are. This article has helped me to push forward on a project that I’ve been putting off.

I’ve realized I am afraid of success, not just for myself, but for others also. Thanks 99U for helping me to identify my problem and overcome it.

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How to Undress for Success

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We all have things that hold us back: We’re uncertain, we lack confidence, we worry about looking stupid….Oddly enough the more “successful” we become the more of those fears we often

TeamBig10‘s insight:

Some of the time, or most of the time, we get in our own way because we worry about how people will perceive us. We create a monster in our own minds; what we think people are thinking. They aren’t nearly as critical of ourselves as we are.

We need to let that go, and just do what we know will make us better, no matter how it looks to others. Just plunge right in. Great article. – TeamBig10

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