Abisko, Sweeden

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Abisko is situated in the Swedish province of Lapland near the Norwegian border, and belongs to Kiruna Municipality, Sweden’s northernmost and largest municipality. It starts from the shores of Tor…

TeamBig10‘s insight:

This looks alot warmer than alaska! And I’ve heard they speak english pretty well there.

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10 thoughts on “Abisko, Sweeden”

      1. Lol! Dealing with the two we have is kind of overwhelming at times. Plus everyday life. I can’t imagine doing four. Can you tell me how you manage them?

  1. Where is your other one? Corey writes most of the educational posts, I just edit and manage them. My personal blog is much easier and the most neglected. I always look forward to posting about whatever I feel like at the moment without worrying about “my message”, but it seems like I update that the least often since it’s “just for me”. (Why do we do that to ourselves?) The other two I write when I can and put a couple in the “bank” for the times I can’t or just don’t feel like it. Writing is easy for me, the hardest part for me is promoting it. Which is evident by our small number of followers 🙂 I have always been a weak salesman!

    1. You seem to be balanced managing them. That’s the approach I need to take. I am spending too much time on our scoop.it page. Although we took a little break which helped a lot. It’s great that you and your husband work so well together. Sharing the blogging resposibilities. Wish I could get Lou to help a little bit more.

  2. He is the educator, so he HAS to write most of the content for that blog. Also, he is a Professional Development speaker on a national circuit, so that is key to his success. Between you and me, I have to ride him sometimes to write consistently. He is an ideas person, so he gets a new idea and runs with it, then another and runs with that. My job is to hang onto his tail and remind him to finish the other things he started! On the other hand, I need his help to push me. I tend to do what I do and be happy with it. He is the one that forces me out of my comfort zone to do new things. Works well together? Well, I suppose we do. We need each other to be successful. Is it always happy and comfy? Not at all! But we have grown to trust each other and have faith that the other really is helping, and not just being a pain in the….

    1. That is working well together to me, pushing each other to do what needs to be done for the betterment of the team. Letting each person be who they are, while encouraging them to be better helps alot.

      We also need someone to slow us down when we get ahead of ourselves, someone who balances us out. We need someone to keep us focused, because it is so easy to get sidetracked by good ideas :).
      Having trust in each other is very important, and it does take work to get there, and then maintain it. Thank you for the insight, it has been very helpful. Claudia

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